Unleashing Innovation: Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 Redefines Forensic Analysis

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In the dynamic realm of forensic technology, one name is currently dominating the headlines – the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64. Comprising three powerful components – Video Active, Video Investigator, and Automeasure – this suite is revolutionizing forensic news. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of each element and explore how they collectively redefine the landscape of digital crime investigations.

Video Active: Forensic Capture and Camera Calibration Excellence

The first pillar of the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, Video Active, stands as a testament to the suite’s commitment to excellence. Serving as a forensic capture and camera calibration environment, Video Active provides investigators with a meticulous platform for capturing and calibrating video evidence. Its advanced capabilities ensure that the integrity of digital evidence remains intact, setting the stage for a thorough and accurate forensic analysis.

Video Investigator: Leading Forensic Image Processing Software

At the heart of the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 lies Video Investigator, hailed as the world’s leading forensic image processing software. This component takes the art of forensic news to new heights, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for processing and enhancing images. From clarifying details in low-light conditions to extracting critical information from complex visual data, Video Investigator empowers forensic professionals to unravel the intricacies of digital imagery with unparalleled precision.

Auto measure: Advanced Crime Scene Photogrammetry Solution

Completing the triad is Automeasure, an advanced crime scene photogrammetry solution. This component of the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 brings a new level of sophistication to the documentation and analysis of crime scenes. Automeasure utilizes cutting-edge photogrammetric techniques to create accurate 3D reconstructions, allowing investigators to virtually revisit crime scenes and explore the spatial relationships between elements. This not only enhances the understanding of complex cases but also provides a valuable tool for presenting evidence in court.


The Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 emerges as a tour de force in the world of forensic analysis, with each component contributing to a holistic and powerful toolkit for investigators. Video Active ensures the pristine capture and calibration of video evidence, Video Investigator leads the way in image processing, and Automeasure elevates crime scene documentation to unprecedented levels of precision. As forensic news professionals embrace this latest innovation, the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 promises to redefine the standards for accuracy and efficiency in digital crime investigations.

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